About Us




To be the most organized, efficient, well trained and prepared and best publicised Community Policing Forum in South Africa supporting our police station, cluster and province where the members of the public can interact with our precinct police in all matters aware of our exemplary record of crime combatting, crime investigations and successful convictions in a corruption free environment with zero tolerance towards any crime in our precinct.



  1. To launch the fundraising campaign, finalise the funding and commence the construction of a brand new state of the art police station with all relevant role players and our community;
  2. To acquire 5 additional police vehicles from state and private funding to replace units approaching their kilometre ceiling;
  3. To introduce, after appropriate training from the SAPS, at least 40 additional Reservists and 40 CPF members into service in support of the various anti-crime initiatives in progress and to be launched and to hold a series of public participation activities;
  4. To improve annuity income resources for all aspects of the CPF activities including social upliftment, youth desk, victim support teams, supplementary police training courses, maintenance and repairs to SAPS facilities and equipment where needed;
  5. The streamlining, standardizing and simplifying of administration processes in line with our new constitution;

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