The Community Police Forum receives its funding from ad hoc donations of goods, services and funds and monthly debit order contributions from faithful supporters. No funds are usually receive from government. A substantial new fundraising effort consisting of a loyalties programme with excellent member benefits will be launched shortly with a detailed marketing strategy and community interface roll out.

The community Police Forum has, thanks to the efforts of the previous board, raised R2 million from generous donations from community donors, for the upgrade and enlargement of the Client Service Centre at the Douglasdale Police Station and has in addition, received confirmation of a recent budget allocation of a further R500 000 from Public Works for upgrades to the existing Douglasdale police station. This brings the total available for construction and upgrade works to the existing station to R2,5 Million.

Part of making this fundraising initiative a success would be the participation of the whole community from private individuals to businesses that operate in the area. Private individuals can assist the CPF by contributing R50 per month to the debit order run.

But what would you get out of contributing to the Community Police Forum? Well apart from the benefits accorded from our soon to be launched membership benefits, Part 4.2 of the SARS (South African Revenue Services) information of income tax booklet for 2005 states that “donations claimed should be listed and the original receipts as prescribed by section 18A of the Income Tax Act, must be submitted.

The deduction is limited to 5% of the taxable income of the taxpayer as calculated before allowing any deduction in respect of medical expenses and donations. This calculation will be done by SARS. Receipts must be attached to page 13 of your return.”

Download PDF: CPF Debit Order Form June 2016

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