Community Police Forums are creatures of statute having been given legal powers in terms of the Police Act and were created to act and serve as an interface between the police services and the community they serve with the principal interaction objective being to ensure the application of relatively limited police resources to community identified priorities and local crime combating and prosecution requirements. It follows that policing is most effective when the community supports the police in their endeavours to combat crime and arrest perpetrators as well as investigations of criminal activity before handing such matters over to the prosecution service.

In February we launched our 2010 Vision and set out the initial specific objectives of the Forum which included a new Hi Tech Client Service Centre, new PABX system, all new station computers and IT hub and connections and printers, improved washrooms and finishes throughout the current station, improved station lighting and camera coverage, new station perimeter fencing and gating, expanded office facilities (5 new detective offices and a new Crime Combating Centre and sensitive crimes office all air conditioned and heated), Nine extra police vehicles (seven from the CPF and two from National allocation) including three dedicated Golf GTi Rapid Response vehicles  and backup power generator and UPS systems. By early June 2010 all the above shall have become a reality and much of the work is already complete. A dramatic development that has necessitated careful adjustment of specific objectives and planning as well as the spending of funds has been the pledge by a very prominent businessman to the Douglasdale SAPS/CPF of land and a brand new state of the art police station. This pledge is worth an estimated R30 to 40 million and means Douglasdale shall have its own fully spec ‘ed mission specific station including its own detention centre and vastly expanded facilities. The objective is to have this project rolled out in the next 3 years or so.

As with any dynamic organization, the aims and objectives change as the objectives are achieved and accordingly we set out the revised CPF objectives from June 2010 going forward:

1. Commencement of detailed planning for the citing and construction and equipping of the new Douglasdale Police Station and related tasking;

2. The roll out of the staff training and skills upliftment programme consisting of:

2.1. First Aid Training

2.2. Advanced driving training

2.3. Telephone skills

2.4. Computer courses

2.5. Life skills

2.6. Advanced Firearm and self defence courses

2.7. Advanced docket preparation and Court preparations courses

2.8. Fire fighting and rescue techniques

2.9. People skills

2.10. The introduction of a  “Top Cop’ and “Top Detective” award programme;

3. Roll out of a massive community awareness and participation drive and loyalty programme for fundraising and community participation in partnership with CPF supporting organizations and businesses;

4. Improvement of camera surveillance of police station and identified static points and the completion of a monitoring office for this equipment

5. Introduction of eTagging of dockets and exhibits

6. Maintenance programmes for all new systems and equipment including, but not restricted to, monthly vehicle inspections by private motor dealers (all our new SAPS vehicles come with a comprehensive motor maintenance plan obviating the use of the state garage), copier and IT maintenance and building inspection and maintenance to maintain the standards of the new fixtures and finishes for the public and police alike;

7. Garden and area maintenance and site cleaning on regular basis and car guards for the parking public area;

Improvement of policing is not just about equipment and facilities, but the building of public confidence and co operation and the up skilling of SAPS personnel. Through regular police /public fun functions and awareness campaigns as well as the obvious improvements in crime prevention and crime prosecution, we as a precinct shall be a national leader in crushing crime, resorting hope and imparting vision. Come partner with us and be a part of the success.

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