Cash protection

It is a fact that most armed robbers in shops and department stores take place with information provided by employees or contractors working in that store

Very few organized armed robbers will risk their lives or face the risk of being apprehended if they are not well informed and know exactly when the cash is available, and where it is.

Bearing the above in mind and by following the techniques set out below armed robberies in stores wil be drastically reduced


The Alarm System

  • Ensure that you have a good alarm system that is well maintained 
  • Ensure that the alarm is connected to an armed response company
  • Ensure that you have static panic buttons placed in strategic areas of your store, e.g. in the cash office or strong room
  • Ensure that you have enough portable panic buttons that are worn by all members of management at all times
  • Ensure that the panic buttons are tested weekly

Opening and closing Procedure

  • Never open or close your store at exactly the same time every day
  • Try not to follow the same route to your store every day
  • Never open the store on your own
  • Ensure that someone armed with a panic button monitors the opening and closing procedure away from the store
  • Ensure that you have adequate lighting at your entry point


  • Ensure that you have an adequately fortified drop safe
  • Ensure that the keys to the drop safe are kept together or on the premises at the same time, except when cash collections are taking place

Cash Collection

  • Ensure that cash is continuously picked up at the tills throughout the day
  • The cash office must continuously count and drop cash into the drop safe
  • Cash-ups must be staggered, and not done in one go
  • Never do full cash-ups at the end of the trading day

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