Clear information on the robbers assists in the SAPS investigation. However, this should not be done at the risk of your life or that of the persons around you.

  • Don’t make it obvious that you are observing the robbers
  • Focus on one person at a time
  • Gain an overall impression first:
    • Height
    • Build
    • Firearm or other weapon
    • Clothing
    • Special features – a limp, deformities, birthmarks etc
    • Then look at details “Facial features – round / sharp, eyes close set/wide apart, etc.
    • Remember any names used by the robbers when talking to when talking to each other.
    • Remember what they touch, where they walk, any cigarette butts discarded, body fluids deposited, etc.
    • Vehicles. The same rules apply, overall impression first, and then the details
      • First look at the make and model
      • Colour
      • Noticeable features
      • Registration number

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