Reporting a crime

  • When a person has been victim of crime, he/she can visit the nearest police station to report the crime
  • A police official at the Community Service Centre will assist the complainant
  • A police official may attend the crime scene. If an official attends the scene, he/she will obtain a statement from the complainant and witnesses, if possible.
  • The police official will first interview the complainant before a statement is taken
  • The police official will then register the reported crime on the crime Administration System (CAS)
  • The complainant will then be given a CAS number, which must be used for all enquiries regarding the reported criminal case
  • The completed case docket is then allocated to a police detective, who will carry out the investigation. All enquiries can then be directed to this detective.
  • The detective in charge of the case will complete the investigation and present the docket to the relevant court for prosecution
  • The detective will notify the complainant when he/she has to attend the court hearing
  • If you are a victim of crime, you are entitled to know who the investigating official is in your case and to receive continuous feedback on your case
  • If you happen to change your address or contact details you must inform the investigating officer

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