Chairman’s Message

“The Douglasdale Community Police Forum is you the community members forum and is reliant on your participation for its success. What criminal would want to operate in an area where its not just the eyes of the police officers in that area that are on the look out for them but each and every member of that community in a partnership with their police force. The greatest danger to society is not crime but apathy. Crime needs apathy to exist and thrive. With an alert and active community crime cannot flourish. Its as simple as that. The challenge is where do we stand as  community members. Remember the saying that all it takes for bad men to flourish is for good men to do nothing!
By coming forward and contributing whatever you can, be that serving as a Reservist, a Community Patroller, providing meals, groceries, toys or clothing for underprivileged community members, training, giving financially, giving goods or services, cleaning areas of our precinct, serving as police station volunteer telephonists, washing police cars, giving equipment, providing words of encouragement or bearing the police officers up in prayer, reporting suspicious activity or looking out for your neighbours, keeping your family and home secured, or many other acts of community support, there are so many opportunities for you the community member to make a difference. The fight against crime is a fight we all must fight irrespective of our backgrounds or origins as crime is no respector of persons. The proper response to crime then is for the whole community to stand up as one and, in partnership with the South African Police Services, actively work to remove the causes of crime, build relationships in our community and bring the full might of community to bear on criminals.
May I take this opportunity to challenge all who read this message to take the talents and giftings you have been entrusted with as a person and use them for the betterment of your community and stand with us as we crush crime together.”

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